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Welcome to The Belling Family website!

Hello and Happy Holidays friends and family! To any of you who are first time visitors to our web site please realize that it is a work in progress! And to those of you who have been here before-- it's still a work in progress! We were'nt very good about updating it-- in fact we never updated it at all! Our goal this year is to be better about that. We will try to alert everyone when there are changes so make sure you visit our contact page and leave your info in case we don't already have it.

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy! After the recent events on September 11th we should all be thankful for family and friends! We have had a very busy year as usual but were not complaining! Mostly we've been chasing a very active two year old and wondering where all the time has gone!

Yes, Jenna's two already! We can hardly believe it! It's been an amazing year watching her go from baby to toddler to little girl! She is really learning to talk and express herself! (sometimes good and sometimes bad!) Every day it seems she is learning something new or has some new antic! And what a personality! As you can probably tell we think she's a lot of fun!! Be sure to visit our photo page and see how she's grown!

We did have one sad event this year--for those of you who don't know--Zeus has passed on. He lived a very happy life to the ripe old age of 12. We had to have him put to sleep after many weeks of medical treatment for an auto immune disorder on top of advancing osteoarthritis and a nerve weakness that affected his hind quarters making it difficult for him to walk. It was a very difficult decision and as hard as it was on us it was best for him. We really do miss him! We are planning on spreading his ashes in the woods up in Tionesta near Grandma Marge and Pap Pap Bill's cabin. It was a place he really liked to run in his younger days!

We were fortunate to take several vacations this year and do a lot of scuba diving which we love! We were even more fortunate to be able to leave Jenna at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's for two of those vacations--once to St. Maarten in the eastern carribean and then a few months later to the Florida keys. She really enjoyed it but we think they enjoyed it even more! She also stayed with her Grandma and Grandpa Belling for a weekend in the summer while we went on our annual Torch Lake trip in northern lower Michigan with some friends. Then in the fall the whole family met down on Top Sail Island in North Carolina. Be sure to visit the photo page as there are some vacation pictures too. You don't want to miss the scuba pictures of our dive with the sharks!

We are both still working--with all the layoffs and downsizing going on around us we feel pretty lucky about that! Mike is still with the same company although they are now "Comcast Cablevision" and that could always change again! His title is still regional sales manager but it seems his responsibilities and staff are ever changing! He's had to let a lot of people go this past year as the company has switched over and reorganized.

Julie is still working at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak in the cardiac cath lab. She has been moved back to the day shift though--10am-1030pm just 3 days a week. The hospital is allowing 12hour employees to work 36 hours per week but maintain full time benefits. (It saves them a lot of money!!) But it works out well for us. She likes being back on days for the social benefits but is finding less free time than she had on Midnights although more sleep!

Well we could probably go on forever but we don't want to bore anyone! Like most parents, we could probably talk for hours about our little Jenna--instead we invite you to visit the photo page and see for yourself what a cutie she is! Although we have to warn you, behind those big blue eyes and cute smiles is a little devil!

We hope you all enjoy your holiday season and we wish you all the best in the coming new year! Please drop us a line on the contact page--we'd love to hear from you!

Love, Mike,Julie and Jenna

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