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Photos Updated on 12/10/2001

Christmas 2000 at Mark and Wendy's new house! The whole clan was there (even the dogs!) so we arranged for a photographer to come and take a family portrait. It was a bit of a circus with so many people and all the kids (and dogs!) but the pictures came out great! Oh, and believe it or not, Wendy and Mark actually volunteered to have Christmas again this year!!

CHRISTMAS DAY 2000.....Jenna in her new pj's from Grandma Marge and Pap Pap Bill ! (15 mos. old)

Feeding time around our house is a lot of fun!

Our first vacation without Jenna! We really missed her but it looks like were still having a good time! Here we are on the beach in St. Maarten, West Indies. (Eastern Carribean) It was a beautiful island--half French, half Dutch with lots of beautiful beaches, great shopping, wonderful french cuisine, night life and of course, scuba diving! We really enjoyed it!

Here we are at about 65 feet during our SHARK DIVE!!!! It was awesome! The next few pictures are also from that dive.

Before we entered the water they dropped down a ball of frozen dead fish--"a chumsicle" to attract the sharks. Once we got down there, there was probably about 15-20 sharks ranging in size from 3-12 feet long. The divemasters were then spear feeding them while we all watched.

This one is either "Big Mama" or "Scratch". Yes, they even have names! The whole experience was very safe and controlled. (In case your're wondering!) They truly are beautiful animals. We can't wait to do it again!

MARCH 2001....Jenna (18 mos. old) with her cousins, Ryan (4 years) and Cassie (4 mos). She got to spend a lot of time with them the week she stayed in Ohio at Grandma and "Papa" Andersons while we were in St. Maarten.

EASTER 2001...Jenna is 19 months old. This is one of Moms favorite pictures of her! It was also the first time she had her hair curled!

Yes, those are real chicks! She managed not to squeeze them too bad---at least there were no casualties anyways!

MAY 2001...Jenna (20 mos.) with her cousin Lauren (18 mos.) Pretty in pink!

On vacation again! This time we are in Islamorada, Florida in the keys on a scuba vacation with a group of friends. Jenna is with Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio again! It was a little easier leaving her the second time but of course, we still missed her! It was only for a long weekend.

More scuba pictures! Here is a friendly Lagerhead turtle we came upon and he let us swim and photograph him for awhile! ( Photos are compliments of our good friend, Steve Walch! Great Job!!)

This was a really fun vacation and truly a "dive trip" as all we did was dive. Our motel was conveniently located right on the water with the dive shop right on premises so we could literally roll out of bed and onto the dive boat! There was also a restaurant and pool area which was nice. It was definitely not the Hilton but all we needed !!!

The Florida Keys offers some really great diving! It is a sport we truly love and it is fortunate that we both enjoy it and can do it together! We obtained our Advanced Diver status while we were there which meant we had to do some book work as well as some open water dives with an instructor. It was actually a lot of fun and we learned a lot as well as increasing our confidence and skills..

These boots were made for walkin' !!!

Our little bathing beauty! (22 mos old) We think she was checking out a little boy in a speedo!

SEPTEMBER 2001......2 YEARS OLD! This is a collage of professional photos we had taken. It's amazing that they managed to get such great photos since we had to go back twice due to her "unruly" behavior! She really is a little stinker--though these pictures portray a little angel!!

Jenna's 2nd Birthday party complete with a visit from "The Bear In The Big Blue House"! For those of you that don't know he is a popular Disney character and TV show. She actually was scared of him at first and ran away!!!!

Obviously she decided she liked him!

SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2001...Her actual birthday! She's definitely got the cake thing down!

Top Sail Island, North Carolina...Sept./Oct. 2001 Our annual family vacation on the beach. This year we all stayed in one big house which was really nice. We were a little nervous about flying after the events of Sept. 11th but it went well. We all had a great time and once again had awesome weather! We even got to go scuba diving again! North Carolina is known for it's many wrecks all along the coast. We did some really neat dives including some wrecks from WW2. We even saw some Tiger shark and a Bull shark!

The gang was all there! Mike's Mom and Dad made it down this year but we missed Mark!

Once again, were keeping Kodak in business! The only ones missing are Grandma Marge and Pap Pap Bill because they stayed in another house--a cute little place just 3 houses down from ours.

October 2001....Our little pumpkin! ( 25 mos. old)

October 2001....Our fall photo shoot with Mark! (Mike's brother) We think he did a great job!

We are in the park next to Grandma and Grandpa Belling's in Royal Oak. We had a lot of fun!

ZOO BOO 2001 at the Detroit Zoo. The girls had a great time trick-or-treating at the zoo! Lauren is "Pooh Bear" and Jenna is "Bear" from Bear In The Big Blue House!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2001 at the Belling House! We really love Halloween and go all out decorating. Hey, who is that guy sneaking up behind us?

CHRISTMAS 2001...Our little Christmas Angel! (Ha Ha!) Merry Christmas to all and we thank you for taking the time to visit our site! Don't forget to leave us a message on the contact page!